A Few Reasons To Ask Your Photographer About Slide Show Services

Posted on: 31 December 2015


Photographers can do more than show up at special events to take pictures. Some are capable of working with old photos and movies, and creating business presentations too. No matter what you are hiring one for, be sure to ask him or her about what type of slide show services they offer. Having a CD made of the slides ensures the memories and information will last as long as you want them to last. Here are just a few things a slide show can do for you.


You probably would like to have some physical photos of special events to hang on a wall, put on your desk, or keep in your wallet or purse. However, gone are the days of big photo albums; they have been replaced with digital files saved on a computer or in an Internet file. You can also have old VHS or 8mm movies converted to digital pictures too. These movies will fade in time if you do nothing to preserve them. In addition, finding a device to play them is becoming more difficult. When done in a slide show, your memories can include a voice detailing the event. You are likely to forget the detail over time, but having each slide described will keep your memories alive and there for future generations.

Business Presentations

You can have the photographer come to your business to take the pictures, or you can use some from his or her stock photos. Creating slide show presentations with photos will not only accentuate the point you are trying to make, but will impress the audience. The show does not have to be simply one picture following another: you can have the pictures fade from one to another, have music and a voice go with them, or have other graphics added to bring the slideshow to life. You decide what type of presentation you want and then work with the photographer to create it. You can also create the show without the photos and then have the photographer add them in where needed.

Whether you choose to create a slide show out of your family's photos or not, you should seriously consider having digital copies of them. Saving them to a personal Internet file is a good idea too. People lose photos and precious memories when they are damaged over time, from mishandling, or fires. No matter what happens in the future, if you have them all saved to the Internet, you can access them. Talk with a photographer about transferring your photos and movies to a digital form.