Posing Tips To Make You Look Slimmer In Photos

Posted on: 25 January 2016


There's nothing worse than dressing well, paying for professional people photography, and then looking back at those photos later to see that you don't really look your best. It's even worse when you've paid for those photos. You don't want to waste your money on disappointing photos. To prevent this from happening there are poses to help make you look slimmer or to hide problem areas. See below for a list of these poses to help capture the best you possible.

Standing (Full Body) Poses

  • Straight On. When taking standing photos with your whole body turned towards the camera, you should stand with your hands on your hips and cross your legs at your ankles. This helps narrow your waist and narrows your legs as well. By placing your hands on your hips, this will also help make your arms appear slimmer as well.
  • Angled. When standing at an angle, be sure to place your hands on your hips (or just the hand on the side that is closest to the camera), place one leg out in front of the other and angle your hips back. This way you are placing your weight on your back leg. Putting your weight forward will make your hips appear larger. 

Sitting (Full Body) Poses

  • Straight On. With sitting poses, you want to lean your body forward. This will capture more of your face and upper body. Taking a sitting pose from the side can cause your back side to appear larger. 
  • Straight On (in a chair). When taking a sitting pose in a chair, be sure to sit up straight, place your hands on your lap and cross your legs at the ankle, leaving them to sit on the floor in front of your chair. Pulling your legs back and beneath the chair will make your legs appear larger. 

Other Tips:

  • Wear Dark Clothing. You don't have to wear monochromatic black, but you should wear dark colors as they are more flattering and slimming. Avoid bold prints, especially on your bottom half. 
  • Avoid Bulky Clothing. Wearing bulky clothing will make you appear larger in photos, try to wear clothing that hugs your curves and is flattering.
  • Use High Camera Angles. Whatever is closest to the camera will appear larger, so using low camera angles will make your bottom portion appear larger. Use higher camera angles instead. 
  • Point Your Chin. When taking photos, angle your head up and point your chin out. Keeping your head down will make it look like you have a double (or triple) chin. Angling our chin up will highlight your eyes and slims your neck.
  • Pull Your Arms Away From Your Body. Hugging your arms tightly to your body makes your arms appear larger. Place your hands on your hips, or pull them slightly away from your body so they aren't smashed against your body.
  • Have Good Posture. Don't slouch your shoulders, as this makes you look hunched over and can make your stomach appear larger. Pull your shoulders back and stand up straight. 

You can always practice at home before taking professional photos to figure out which side is your best side and what angle you like best. Talk to your photographer about any concerns with your photos and ask about what poses will help capture the best you possible.