3 Birthday Gift Ideas For The Dad Who Seems To Have It All

Posted on: 31 July 2016


As an adult, you likely buy a gift for your dad each year when his birthday comes around. But if he's the kind of dad that seems to already have everything he wants, coming up with something special to gift him can be a challenge. Here are three birthday gift ideas that are sure to surprise your dad and put a big smile on his face:

An Old-Time Photo Shoot

Scheduling an old-time family photo shoot is a fun way to surprise your dad for his birthday. The activity will give your dad and his immediate loved ones an opportunity to bond and have fun while dressing up in settlers' clothing or playing with props. And the resulting photos can be framed for the wall to keep the memories of the day alive. If you don't live near your father, schedule the photo shoot for when you'll be in town visiting and present him with a certificate for the event on his birthday. The certificate will offer immediate surprise and help keep him excited for the photo shoot up until the big day arrives. Contact a business, such as Four Sisters Old Time Photo, for more information on these photo shoots. 

A 'Best Father' Trophy

An excellent way to show appreciation for your father on his birthday is to present him with a trophy that tells him exactly why you think he's so good at being a dad. Choose a catchy phrase to have printed as the heading of the trophy such as "World's Best Dad and Getting Better Every Year" and then come up with a small list of reasons why he's getting the award and have them printed in small letters underneath the heading. Stick with one-word reasons, such as trustworthy or patient, for your list if possible so it's easy to read and doesn't overwhelm the overall design of the trophy.

A Customized Calendar

Consider customizing a calendar for your dad that features members of your family that he can hang on his wall at work or in his favorite room at home. Start by going through family photos and choosing a different one for each month of the year. Focus on photos that feature yourself, your siblings, your mother, and your father's siblings and parents. Have the photos printed on a calendar so that each photo represents a different month throughout the year. You can include a short personalized message with each photo within the calendar that will remind your father just how much you care about him when he looks at it.

These gift ideas should help make your dad feel special and good about himself as a father on his birthday.