The Art Of Staying Still: The Right Tools Can Make Your Photography Skills Blossom

Posted on: 29 September 2016


If you have ever wondered how a photographer captures a perfectly detailed picture of the moon or can make a waterfall look smooth, the tools used in photography are what can make all the difference. That said, whether you use a high quality camera, a tripod, or a combination of both, learning what is required to take certain types of photographs is necessary to make them look professional. A few small changes to your technique, and you can have great looking images. When you want to bring your photography to the next level, learning how to stay still is one difference between images that are blurry and those that are crisp.

Why Tripods are Used

The camera tripod is used for more than taking a selfie. A camera tripod will keep the camera still, no matter how long the shutter is open for. The slower the shutter speed you have set on your camera, the more important a tripod becomes. You can take a sharp picture when your camera shutter is fast, (think six pictures a second), but when your shutter slows down a tripod is highly useful. To create sharp images that are in excellent focus, a photographer will often use a tripod to eliminate any possibility of movement during the photograph.

Pictures of Running Water

If you've seen a picture of a waterfall, and you are wondering how the water appears to be flowing smoothly, it is because the shutter speed is very slow. The shutter can be open for several seconds or more, allowing for the objects that are still in your image to be captured while at the same time allowing for the movement of the water. You can't take this kind of picture simply by holding your camera. People move slightly, even when the think they are standing still. Any movement while taking an image with a slow shutter speed will make the picture blurry. Play around with your shutter speed and a tripod while at a waterfall, and you will find the settings that work best for you.

Getting the Moon in Focus

The moon is not a very cooperative subject, but when you capture a great picture of the moon you will be elated. Once you have the moon in focus, you will have to decrease your shutter speed and use a tripod. It is impossible to capture an image of the moon without a tripod because it's far away, requires absolute steadiness, and the shutter has to be open for a number of seconds to get it right.

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