Three Reasons That Every Business Needs A Commercial Photographer

Posted on: 16 March 2018


Whether you're a new business or an established one, you should always be looking to make a splash in your community and in your industry. One way to accomplish that is visually — and to do so, you'll need a corporate photographer. While the average person can often successfully take smartphone photos, there's a definite difference between what you can capture and what a commercial photographer can execute. It's a smart investment to hire a commercial photographer for a number of tasks. Here are three reasons that you need this professional.

Staff Photos

Many companies have photos of their staff members on their websites, and you may also want promotional photos for business cards and to submit to the media, when necessary. A professional headshot looks dramatically different than one you shoot yourself. A commercial photographer will not only light the subject properly, but will also adjust the focus on the image so that background fades away. Additionally, commercial photographers are highly adept at touching up images with photo-editing software, which will help your staff members to look their best — and this may even give potential customers the feeling that your staff members are friendly and approachable.

Product Images

If you're producing something, you need to have photos of it to display on your website. And for the products to look their best, the photos need to be of top quality. For example, if you're a boutique clothing store that sells a variety of apparel, you need high-quality images of each product. This is especially true if customers can shop on your website. While an in-person customer can thoroughly assess a garment, this isn't the case with online shoppers, who need to feel highly confident in the look of something before they click the "Buy" button.

Facility Shots

Many businesses can benefit from shots of their physical location. Such images are ideal to feature on your website, as well as in marketing materials and even attached to job postings. Shots of the exterior of your business, as well as the key spaces inside, can go a long way toward strengthening your brand and making it appear desirable. For example, if you're a physical therapy clinic, you definitely want to publicize high-quality images of your treatment spaces, including pictures of the equipment and even photos of therapists working with clients. A commercial photographer will do an exemplary job of capturing each of the above types of images.