Wedding Pics Were Actually Taken In These 5 Crazy Places

Posted on: 30 July 2018


Everyone wants to create wedding photos that'll be memorable, and choosing a unique location can add some pizzazz to the pics you'll make. Some locations, however, are crazier than others. In these 5 cases, a couple and their wedding photographer decided to go all-in to get amazing shots.

Alaskan Ice Cave

You know you're dealing with a tough location when it requires multiple kayaks to get the bride, groom, and wedding photographer out to a site. Thankfully, the couple was avidly into the outdoors, and the photographer was more than a bit adventurous. The payoff was a collection of tranquil blue photos that included unusual shapes and had a marine feeling.

California Wildfire

A couple was holding a wedding at Rock Springs Ranch in Oregon when a crew of firefighters pulled up and informed them that a wildfire was approaching. Apparently not ones to let a scheduling snafu get in the way of a big day, they decided to perform the wedding in double time. In addition to a scenic ceremony picture by the lake, they were able to take cinematic-looking photos with the blaze in the background.

Canadian Tornado

Some folks decide to cancel a shot when they see dark and foreboding clouds, while others see an opportunity to capture drama. A Canadian couple was doing a shoot in Saskatchewan when the weather began to take a turn for the worse and a funnel cloud touched down several miles away. After confirming that the tornado wasn't heading toward them, the wedding photographer decided to put the funnel cloud in the background. The result creates a contrast between the dark-blue background and the bride's dress.

Location, Location

Sometimes the groom and bride have it easy, as a wedding photographer learned at a lakeside castle in Europe. While the couple was high and dry, the photographer had to roll his pants up and walk in mud to frame them with the perfect backdrop.

The Marsh

Weddings with country themes are very much in style, and one couple in South Carolina elected to take full advantage of the rural setting they had chosen. With a marsh near the site of their ceremony, the wedding photographer was able to capture a slew of amazing pics, including images of the bride and groom being ferried across a lake in a small motorboat. Going into the bush, they were able to get photos that included gorgeous Spanish moss.