Five Things You Need To Consider When You're Getting A Business Headshot Taken

Posted on: 17 May 2019


Business headshots perform an important function by putting a face to a name and giving prospective clients and partners a first impression of who you are.

You shouldn't underestimate the importance of the headshot you use to present yourself professionally. Headshots can consciously or subconsciously cause others to feel either attracted to or repelled by your brand.

The following are five things you need to consider when you're getting a business headshot taken. You and your photographer need to figure out how you can manipulate each of these six factors to make your headshot as appealing as possible so that it will attract business for you. 

The background

You need to figure out which background will enhance the headshot photo visually without taking any of the focus away from you, the subject. 

The backdrop of a headshot photo should be simple and made up of only neutral colors that won't clash with anything the subject is wearing. 

In some cases, props can be added to a headshot photo. Props could be a camera for a photographer or a computer for a programmer. Whether or not to include props depends on the particular industry you're in and the particular brand image you are known to present to your clients.

Your expression

Your headshot photographer should take several images of you so that you can later decide on which looks best. However, you should think about what expression you think will look best before you go in for your shoot. 

You're probably going to want to be smiling in your headshot, but you don't want your smile to look forced, and you don't necessarily have to smile. Headshot photographers will often take photos of their subject in a variety of poses and with a variety of expressions to figure out what looks best for each individual.

Your hair and makeup

When it comes to hair and makeup, it's generally best to keep things simple for a headshot. An elaborate hairstyle or a lot of makeup can be distracting and look unprofessional. 

Your outfit

As with hair and makeup, the outfit you wear in a headshot should be fairly simple. Unless extravagance and whimsy are important to your brand, you should avoid loud colors, patterns, or accessories in your headshot outfit. 

Generally speaking, you should dress for your headshot the same way you'd dress to go out and meet a client. 

The lighting

If you're having your headshot done in a studio, you're going to be photographed under studio lighting. The proper lighting for your headshot will depend on a variety of factors including your skin tone and the environment you will be photographed in.

You should discuss lighting with your business photographer and see if you could sample your image under different lighting setups to find the best lighting for your unique appearance.