Creating A Modeling Portfolio To Land Great Jobs

Posted on: 18 June 2019


A great modeling portfolio is essential when you are trying to make it as a professional model. You can't depend on a few selfies and amateur images and expect to be taken seriously. When you work with a professional photographer, you will see the difference between great images taken with care and the snapshots you get from a smartphone. Your modeling portfolio is more than just a headshot. You will want to show how you look in a variety of poses, with full-body shots and close-ups of your face. When you send your professional modeling portfolio off to agents, they will know that you are invested in your career as a model if you take the time and money to create a professional portfolio.

The Beauty Shot

The first image you want for a modeling portfolio is a clean, well-lit shot of your face from the shoulders up. Minimal makeup should be used, as you want your natural beauty to be obvious. While you can wear a little makeup and do some basic styling with your hair, this should be a shot that is free from distractions and shows you in your natural state.

The Full Body Shot

A great modeling portfolio also contains a full body shot. The clothing worn should not detract from the ability to see the shape and size of your body. Clothing should fit well and should be simple. The point of a full body shot is to see the size, contours, and proportions of your body.

Consider a Swimsuit Image

While you don't want to go overly sexy with a swimsuit image, it is another way to give a potential boss a look at your physical assets. If you are looking to get into modeling clothing, a tasteful swimsuit image should be included.

Editorial Photo Shoots

Once you have the basic shots in your modeling portfolio, it's time to get creative. Editorial photo shoots show you in a variety of poses and clothes, as well as with other people. Your photographer should have great ideas for editorial photo shoots, depending on the type of work you are trying to get. These can be anything from fake car ads to shots in a wedding dress, so your imagination is essential here.

If you are looking for great modeling jobs, you need to stand out from the crowd. Look for a photographer willing to go the extra distance to get you a modeling portfolio that stands out.

For more information on modeling portfolios, contact a photographer.