Four Ways To Help Clients Beat The Blues With Custom Photography Backdrops

Posted on: 15 September 2020


This year has been a difficult time for many people who have had to work or study remotely, limit their contact with loved ones, and change their daily life. The stress and uncertainty of these changes can lead to depression or general feelings of sadness. However, photographers have a unique opportunity to help their clients beat the blues using custom-made backdrops. If you are wondering how to use backdrops to give your clients a boost of positive energy, try one of the methods below. 

Transport Clients to Another City 

With international travel limited and even internal travel reduced, many people may be missing out on their yearly vacations. With realistic backdrops, you can allow people to travel the world, if only in photographs. One good idea for boosting your business is to ask local clients where they would want to travel this year and then order custom backdrops with the most popular places. You can host a small event or individual mini-sessions with the backdrops. 

Allow People to Express Their Feelings

Most photographers have a few general backdrops that are considered neutral. If you order a few edgier options, you can allow your clients to express their frustration or stress in a healthy manner, while offering truly unique photographs. While ordering a set of custom back drops, don't forget to include a few counter-culture or darker-themed options.  

Take Clients Into a World of Fantasy

Some clients might not want to think about places they can't currently go or things that are making them frustrated. Instead, they might come to you for an escape. Why not offer a fantasy backdrop that will transport your clients to another world? Science fiction and fantasy settings can allow your clients to pretend they are living in a different time and place, giving them a full escape for the length of your session. 

Offer Sublime Nature

With reduced travel, some people are finding it difficult to get out into nature this year. But you can bring a bit of nature into your studio. Hyper-realistic backdrops can give you not only the feeling of nature, but sublime, untouched nature that many clients may not have access to even at the best of times. 

A variety of backdrops can transform your studio into the perfect place for each of your clients. By customizing your backdrops, you can offer settings no other photographer in your area offers and give your clients a positive experience. Look around to find a professional who provides custom designed photography backdrops.