• 3 Tips For Taking Underwater Photos

    Have you been getting into underwater photography but do not like how your photos are coming out? If so, it will help to know some tips so that you can take better underwater photos.  Take Photos At The Subject's Level A common mistake that people make when they start taking underwater photos is that they photograph everything from the top down. You see something interesting and want to take a picture, so you take it from the depth that you are at and try to focus on the subject.
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  • Buy A Digital Camera That Can Also Shoot Video

    It's important to carefully assess all of the functionality that a digital camera offers before you decide to buy it. Even if you expect to primarily use your new camera for photographs, a camera that has a video function can be advantageous. This is a function that is available on many digital cameras, and you can generally engage it with the press of a button — allowing you to quickly shift from photo mode into video mode.
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