2 Ways To Make Your Wedding Reception Fun

Posted on: 26 May 2016


When you are planning your wedding reception, you want to come up with some ideas that will let everyone enjoy themselves. After all, your reception is supposed to be a party and a celebration. So, what are some things that you can do so that your guests enjoy themselves?

Photo Booth

Just like the photo booths that are in places like malls and movie theaters, these booths will allow your guests to take pictures of themselves. They just go in the booth and wait for the picture to be taken. Once it has been taken, the picture gets printed out.

To make it even more fun, there are other things that you can add on to the photo booth. For example, you could add a props table next to the booth. You can stock that table with all kinds of things that your guests can use to make their picture fun. Props can include things like feather boas, hats, masks, glasses, and even papers they can write on to turn into signs.

Some photo booths will also save the picture to some kind of memory storage device so that you can have copies of the pictures to keep along with your official wedding pictures. If you do that, your guests can write good luck messages to you. You could also create an online scrapbook of all the images taken in the photo booth so that your guests or friends who couldn't be there can see everything that happened. 

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Wedding Ad-Libs

Most people remember playing "fill-in-the-blank" games when they were children. You can do the same thing at your wedding reception. It isn't hard to create your own ad-lib sheets. You can create several different pages, all surrounding the theme of you and your partner. Put a few sheets on each table along with some pens and let your guests fill them out. You can collect them all at some point and have the DJ or a member of the wedding party read them out at various times. It can help to give your guests a break from dancing or a way to occupy their time while the meals are being served or cleared. 

Making sure that your guests are having fun at your wedding reception can make sure that you are enjoying the party too. A few good ideas can make a wedding reception into a great party that everyone will remember.