5 Ways To Prolong The Golden Hour For Your Wedding Photos

Posted on: 24 May 2023


The so-called "golden hour" when the sun rises or sets is one of the best times to capture romantic, beautiful wedding photos. However, since no one can control how the sunlight moves, couples should be prepared to take advantage of this short period of time as much as possible. How can you do so? Here are a few ways to prolong your wedding photography golden hour. 

1. Learn the Timing

When planning your wedding day timeline, start by learning how when the golden hour will actually occur. There are a variety of free websites and apps that can provide detailed time frames for any day and location. Plan accordingly.

2. Use Open Spaces

You may not be able to control when the sun sets, but you can avoid losing the light prematurely. How? Choose a more open space for your photo session. Golden hour in the middle of the enclosed city or next to a large building will disappear faster than it will with just the open air around you. Look for places like beaches, lakes, fields, local parks, and more to squeeze out every moment. 

3. Don't Overlook the Morning

While most wedding photography uses the evening golden hour—just before and during sunset—it also happens after sunrise. This is a less convenient way to capture the same light, but it buys you a special setting and doubles the amount of time available to use. 

4. Mind Your Seasons

In most locations, sunrise and sunset are constantly on the move. Sunset in the middle of summer will occur later and last longer than it will in the dead of winter. Planning your wedding during these longer days helps take advantage of the golden hour in two ways. First, it means a longer photo session before the sun sets (or after rising). Second, it may help position the golden hour at a better point in your wedding timeline. 

5. Be Prepared

Finally, be prepared to use the golden hour fully when it does arrive. Scout out the location. Do test shoots. Hire an experienced photographer who will be ready and has contingency plans for unexpected events. Be mobile and flexible to follow the light. And have a shooting plan so that you aren't wasting time organizing yourself or your party. 

Where to Start

What's the best way to take advantage of the best lighting on your big day? Work with an experienced and skilled photographer. Meet with photographers in your area today to learn how they will help you achieve golden-hour success. 

Contact a local photography service, such as KD Photography, to learn more.