Rent A Photo Booth For Your Wedding

Posted on: 28 June 2018


If you are thinking about having a photo booth at your wedding, you should definitely do it. Your guests will appreciate it, and you will enjoy all of the images that you get out of it. But, you want to make sure that you rent a booth that meets certain criteria. This article explains what you should look for if you are going to rent a wedding photo booth for your wedding.

Make Sure It Comes With a Technician

First of all, only rent a booth if it comes with a technician. You want to make sure that there will be a person at your event, the entire time, who can service and repair your booth as necessary. The booth will be no good if the it is dropped off and starts to malfunction after just a couple of photos. Luckily, most wedding booth rentals will include a technician. That is, they will send somebody along not only to make repairs and refill the ink when necessary but also to make sure that people are properly using it.

Surprisingly, there are some companies that offer cheap rentals without providing a person to actually tend the machine. This might be tempting because of how much more affordable it is, but you will certainly not be worried about the money if you don't get any photos from the booth.

Digital Vs. Film Booths

Another thing you should consider is whether you're going to have a digital or actual film booth. Digital booths are definitely more common, but many people are drawn to the vintage look of real film. Obviously, it is hard to match the look of real film, but they are generally far more expensive and also harder to find. Luckily, digital printing technologies have advanced greatly, and many modern products can print high-quality, fade-resistant pictures on the spot. So, while it might be tempting to rent a film booth, stick with digital if you want something that is more convenient and affordable.

Lastly, make sure that you instruct all of your guests to leave at least one photo for you. You should have a photo book right next to the booth so that your guest will know to leave a photo, along with a personal note in the booth. Then, they can take other photos that they keep themselves as a personal memento of the event.

A photo booth is a fun and quirky way to reward your guests and have some fun at your wedding reception.