Different Headshot Looks To Get For Your Actor Portfolio

Posted on: 22 January 2019


If you're an actor, it's imperative for you to have professional headshots taken to include in your portfolio. The reality is that while casting professionals will be interested in your acting credentials, they also need to know how you look so that they can evaluate whether you'll be a good fit for their production. It can be easy to get lackadaisical about your headshot, perhaps keeping a single one for several years. What you need to do instead is have a variety of headshots available so that you can either choose one headshot to submit with a casting call or have multiple headshots available to demonstrate your flexibility as an actor. Here are three different headshot looks that you want.

A Business Professional

There's a good chance that you'll be applying for roles in which you'll be playing a business professional, so it's important for one of your headshots to show you in this light. You'll want to dress in a professional manner — for example, a dress shirt, suit jacket, and a tie — and be clean shaven with a tidy haircut and hairstyle. If possible, your headshot photographer will have an office-like background in which you can pose. As far as facial expressions, something serious but approachable is a good look to achieve.

A Family Man

Another common role that you might be interested in getting is that of a family man. There are several ways that you can achieve this look in your headshot to hopefully catch the eye of a casting agent. Casual dress will be appropriate here. For example, you might want a plaid shirt with the top button undone. For a background, being outside — especially if it appears as though you're in a residential backyard — can work well. You should be smiling in a loveable manner to convey the appearance of a family man.

A Down-On-His-Luck Person

Having a headshot taken in which you appear down on your luck can be a valuable tool for your acting portfolio. This look is generic, but can be appealing to casting agents who may be looking for someone to play the role of a tired physical laborer or even a petty criminal. Being unshaved and perhaps having tousled hair can work well here, and a T-shirt with some tears around the neckline can work well. For the best effect, think about staying up late the night before your photo shoot so that you look tired.