Buy A Digital Camera That Can Also Shoot Video

Posted on: 23 February 2021


It's important to carefully assess all of the functionality that a digital camera offers before you decide to buy it. Even if you expect to primarily use your new camera for photographs, a camera that has a video function can be advantageous. This is a function that is available on many digital cameras, and you can generally engage it with the press of a button — allowing you to quickly shift from photo mode into video mode. Here are some reasons that it's a good idea to buy a camera that also allows you to shoot video.

It Prevents Having To Carry Two Devices

A big reason that a digital camera that has both photo and video modes is ideal is that carrying this camera prevents you from having to carry two cameras. For example, if you were to buy a digital camera that solely takes still images, and eventually decide that you want to buy a small video camera, too, you'd need to carry both of these cameras when you're on vacation or otherwise doing something that you want to document. Carrying two devices can be bulky, which isn't ideal if you want to travel lightly or if you have a number of other items that you need to carry.

It Can Help You To Catch The Moment In A Different Way

There's no denying that photos can help you to capture key moments in your life, but it's handy to be able to switch to the video mode on your camera during the times that a video clip can perhaps have more of an impact. For example, if your child is starting to crawl, you'll likely want video clips of this stage in their life to complement the still images that you're taking. Being able to quickly switch modes on your digital camera will allow you to document important moments in both ways.

It Frees Up Your Smartphone

While a lot of people enjoy shooting videos on their smartphones, it's still a good idea to buy a digital camera that has a video function. If you want to shoot a prolonged video, you can do so with your camera and a tripod — and still have access to your smartphone. For example, if you're recording your child's sports team playing a game, you might want to occasionally use your smartphone during the game. You can set your digital camera up, press the "record" button, and still be able to answer texts and browse apps while your camera records the video.

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