How Parents Can Help Make Newborn Photography Easier

Posted on: 23 September 2022


Professional newborn photography is a popular way to catch precious moments of your new baby. Unfortunately, capturing good photos is not always easy, and you should not leave the challenge to the photographer. There are ways you can help make the session easier.

Reduce Fussiness

Many parents try to have their baby on a strict schedule, even from birth. Adhering to the schedule can make the session harder for the photographer and lead to an unnecessarily long session, and be frustrating for everyone involved. Skip any naps for several hours before the session. Of course, this can be harder on the parent, but you are more likely to have nice photos because the baby may sleep through the session. Make sure your baby is fed and changed close to session time. Have a backup plan in case your baby becomes fussy during the session despite your best efforts. A favorite toy and a pacifier might be enough comfort to help your baby calm down.

Discuss Clothing

Talk with your photographer before the session about clothing options. They likely have some ideas about the types of photographs they want to take. Many photographers include photos with the baby unclothed or only in a diaper. Swaddling is also popular. When choosing outfits for the baby, the photographer may have preferences in terms of colors and prints. Some colors can be harder to photograph and certain prints might be too "busy" and result in a photograph that diverts attention away from the baby's face. The clothing you choose should be simple and easy to get on and off the baby. This makes changing clothes faster and is less likely to disturb a calm or sleeping baby. Sometimes, simple accessories are enough, like a small toy or headband.

Be In The Scene

Ideally some of the photos will include the parents or entire family. Being in the photo might help keep the baby calm, especially if it becomes difficult to get photos of the baby without them crying. If you are hadn't planned on being photographed, there are ways to create adorable photos without being completely photographed. Sometimes, photographers will take photos of the baby being cupped in your hands, especially if your newborn is quite tiny. For a larger newborn, cradling their head or taking a photograph of you holding them against your chest with the rest of your body cropped out can also be a good idea.

Newborn photos are a special way to capture some of the earliest moments of your baby's life. Depending on the temperament of your baby, it may be harder to keep them calm throughout an entire photo session. Finding ways to pacify them and minimize disturbances can make it easier to get the perfect photos. Reach out to a company like Joanna Andres Photography to find out more.