Canvas Photographic Prints Turn Your Photos Into Art

Posted on: 18 January 2016


Canvas photographic prints are a very attractive way to display your treasured photographs. These prints have a rich canvas texture that enhances the image and emphasizes its surface quality. The canvas surface looks like an oil painting or watercolor. The printable photo canvas is mounted on lightweight, warp-resistant stretcher bars with hanging hardware included. Here are some features and options that you have when you print your photographs on canvas:

  • Gallery Wrap - A photographic image printed on canvas can wrap around the stretcher bars to give the photo a three-dimensional effect. Other wrapped edge treatments include extending the photo and blurring the edges, printing the edges in a coordinating color, or printing the edges in solid black or white. All edge treatments are folded at the corners for a finished look.   
  • Background Images - Canvas photo prints can also have a printed background image. Popular background images include weathered barn wood, a cloudy or clear sky, beach sand, water ripples, plain and/or print fabrics, multi-colored stripes, or the brush strokes of a simulated oil painting. Many other background images are also available. 
  • Multiple Sizes - Canvas photo prints are available in the standard photographic print sizes of 8 x 10 in., 10 x 14 in., 12 x 36 in., 16 x 20 in., 20 x 30 in., 24 x 36 in., and many more. Custom canvas photo print sizes are available upon request.  
  • Multiple Edge Dimensions - Canvas photo prints are available in three edge dimensions: 
  • Thin Edge (0.75 inches):  This depth is perfect for prints that you want to frame as they will fit easily into a standard frame and not protrude from the wall. 
  • Medium Edge (1.25 inches):  This depth gives a bit more dimension to the photographic print and is good for medium size photographic prints. These prints look good when hung in groups. 
  • Thick Edge (1.50 inches):  This depth gives the most dimension to the photographic print and is best for large prints. These prints can be hung with or without a frame. 
  • Captions - Quotations, monograms, and other text can be added to your canvas photo prints. The text can be printed in various fonts anywhere on the print surface. Printed text can be the location of the photograph, the text of a poem, a few words to describe the emotion and feeling in the photograph, or any other desired text.
  • Single or Multiple Images - Canvas photo prints can be printed with a single image or multiple images combined together. Multiple images can give the viewer different perspectives of a subject, location or event. 

Canvas photographic prints are fun and stylish and offer a unique way to present your photographs. When several are hung together they make an attractive wall display that is appropriate for any room. They also make a great gift idea for family and friends. Canvas photo prints add a bit of style to your photographs and are a great way to share your photographic memories. Canvas photo prints turn your photographs into art.