What Should Your Teen Avoid Doing Before Senior Portraits?

Posted on: 20 May 2017


Senior portraits are a great way to commemorate your teen's achievement. Even though the photographer will do everything he or she can to ensure the pictures are perfect, there are some decisions that your teen makes that could have a bearing on the end result. If your teen has senior portraits scheduled, here are a few mistakes that he or she needs to avoid.  

Choosing the Wrong Clothes 

One of the most important elements of your teen's senior portraits is the clothes that he or she wears. The wrong clothing could prove to be too distracting. The goal of the portraits is to highlight your teen and not necessarily his or her clothing.  

Your teen should avoid trendy clothing and busy patterns. Even though they might look nice, in the portrait, they can be distracting. Medium to dark colored clothing photographs best and he or she should stick with solid colors.  

Getting Hair Styled Right Before the Photo Session 

It might seem logical for your teen to get his or her hair cut and styled in the days before the senior portrait, but this could actually work against him or her. Waiting until the last minute to get his or her hair styled does not leave your teen time to deal with a bad cut and style.  

If your teen has his or her hair styled a week or two before the portrait session, he or she has time to deal with the consequences of a bad style. In that period of time, your teen's hair could grow out, he or she could get extensions, or a new stylist could figure out how to make the cut work.  

Skipping the Professional Enhancement 

Unfortunately, despite all of your teen's careful styling for his or her picture day, he or she cannot control whether or not an acne breakout occurs. Even though your teen could possibly use makeup to conceal some of the evidence of the breakout, there is still a chance it will be noticeable in his or her portrait.  

Therefore, it is important that you and your teen opt for the professional enhancement that many photographers offer. During the processing stage for your teen's portraits, the photographer will use software to remove blemishes and any other issues that could leave the portraits less than perfect.  

Before booking any senior portrait photography, talk to the photographer about other things you and your teen can do to guarantee the results are what you are expecting.