Babies And Pets: Getting A Good Picture Of Sometimes-Tricky Subjects

Posted on: 11 September 2018


Taking photos of your newborns, children, and even pets can be challenging; when the moment seems right, subjects can be contrary or uncooperative. While there are no secrets to capturing a great picture, there are some simple strategies that increase your success.

Some tips for getting great pictures of your babies, toddlers, and furry-friends are:

Create your props. Create a kid photo backdrop or props first, before trying to get your subjects to pose or cooperate. Think about what will appear in the frame and move items that could distract from your kids' or pets' image.

Skip the flash. When it comes to taking pictures of children and animals, a good approach is rapid fire without flash, which can disturb your subjects and ruin the moment. Rapid fire photos increase the chance of getting a great one; plan to edit or delete the images that aren't up to par later.

Plan around the cat. Know that taking pictures of cats is very different than photographing dogs; you are kind-of at the whim of your cat. Felines need to be settled-in first as they typically don't respond to commands or treats, and you will gingerly move around, pose your kids, and work around them. As for dogs, it depends on their personality, temperament, and training; often they are easier to pose than children.

Natural light works best. For a pleasing and warm photo, natural light is best; plus, it helps make-up for the absence of a flash in some situations. Think about where the sun lands on your subjects; it will typically be behind you, illuminating subjects in front of you.

Find your best angle. Finding the right angle for your photo is key; get down low and try some close-ups for a great shot of your baby. Macro shots are also a cool and effective angle when trying to get a compelling photo of a newborn or puppy.

Don't be over-critical. Finally, don't be too critical of your candid shots, as these often turn out to be the most prized and cherished of all your photos later on. Try to keep your camera close and props set-up regularly to capture specific shots that you want for holidays, gift-giving, or posterity. You may be surprised at the photo opportunities that arise!

Use these tips to capture great pictures of your babies and furry family members. Don't be afraid to recruit others or hire a professional for fantastic images and memories that will last a lifetime.