Preparing for Your Boudoir Photography Session

Posted on: 10 April 2019


Boudoir photography is an art that many couples and women choose for a more intimate photography experience. While you may be nervous about a photography session with a boudoir photographer, take some time to prepare yourself ahead of time. If you are uncomfortable, you can bring a friend or partner with you for the session. If this isn't enough, then try some of these tips before your big photoshoot session.

Meet Your Photographer Before the Session

When you want to do a boudoir photography session, don't be afraid to talk to your photographer days or weeks before the shoot. Ask the questions you have and don't worry, your boudoir photographer has heard all kinds of concerns. Talk about outfits, what you hope for from the session, and what you should do for hair and makeup.  Remember that you aren't going to be photographed in any way that you don't want to be.

Choose Outfits You Love

Your boudoir photography outfits should reflect who you are and be things that you love to wear for your significant other. This is the time to invest in some fun lingerie that provides as much cover or lack of cover that you want. Find items you feel comfortable in or that make you feel beautiful. 

Bring Hair and Makeup Supplies

When you get ready for your boudoir photo shoot, bring your makeup and hair supplies with you. If you need a touch-up, you can take care of it during the shoot with your own products. Some photoshoots offer hair and makeup, so check with your photographer if you are interested in this service.

Have Some Fun

One of the points of boudoir photography is to be your best self and have some fun. Don't compare yourself to other people, and stop worrying about how you are going to look. Enjoy your session and let your photographer worry about the lighting, posing and outfit selection. You are there to step back and let the photographer do the work to give you great images.

These are just a few tips to get you ready and confident for your photoshoot. Boudoir photography can be an exciting experience. Be better prepared by telling your photographer what you are comfortable with and what you want to avoid. Have clothing you love and bring options to the photoshoot to choose from. You can have a great time at a session if you are able to relax.