Three Set Options For Boudoir Photos

Posted on: 14 April 2022


One of the fun things about visiting a boudoir photographer is choosing what type of set you want to use for your photos. You'll often find a few different set options at a boudoir photo studio, and while some people may want a few photos in a couple of different sets, it's OK to favor one specific set and have all of your photos take place in this space. When you book your session, you'll want to confirm what set options are available. Often, your boudoir photographer will have photos of the sets available for you to browse on their website. Here are three set options that are popular for this type of photography.


You can expect that most boudoir photo studios will have a bedroom set, as many people enjoy using this type of space for their photos. It's common for the bedroom set to be highly glamorous, perhaps featuring a four-poster bed, a faux-fur rug on the floor, a gas fireplace, and more. There are all sorts of seductive ways that you can pose in this type of set. For example, you might favor lying on the rug on the floor or leaning on the post of the bed in a flirty manner.


It's also common for your photo studio to have a couch as part of its boudoir photo session set. As is the case with a bedroom set, the couch will have a stylish appearance. An expensive-looking leather couch, perhaps in a color such as black or burgundy, can be a good prop for all sorts of photos. Regardless of what attire you're wearing, you can position yourself on the couch in many different ways as your photographer snaps shots from several angles.

Dance Pole

Some boudoir photo studios are equipped with vertical dance poles. You may decide to get a little wild with your photoshoot and pose with the pole. Don't be intimidated by the pole. Your photographer can give you some pose suggestions if you're unsure of how to stand. For example, hanging onto the pole with one hand and positioning your body in a seductive way can make for a series of memorable shots. You might favor posing with a pole if you're booking your boudoir photoshoot as a gift for your significant other, as they'll likely be excited to see you posing in this manner. Contact a boudoir photographer to learn about what set options they have available.