The Importance Of Hiring A Wedding Photography Pro

Posted on: 27 January 2018

If you are in the market for a wedding photographer, you have a lot to consider. It seems like professional photography equipment has become more readily available to consumers. As a result, many people claim to be professional photographers just because they have a decent camera. Of course, the equipment is only part of the game, especially when it comes to wedding photography. This article explains a few things you need to look for when hiring a photographer for your wedding.
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Tips For Making Wedding Day Picture-Taking Go As Smooth As Possible

Posted on: 6 December 2017

If you are planning on having pictures taken professionally on your wedding day, you should prepare for a little extra stress and bother. Many couples love the look that comes with same day shots that capture the special moments of the day. If you're doing some formal shots to include yourself and your spouse, but also the bridal party, family, and visiting friends, here are some tips to help reduce the time it takes and remove some extra stress out of the day:
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What Should Your Teen Avoid Doing Before Senior Portraits?

Posted on: 20 May 2017

Senior portraits are a great way to commemorate your teen's achievement. Even though the photographer will do everything he or she can to ensure the pictures are perfect, there are some decisions that your teen makes that could have a bearing on the end result. If your teen has senior portraits scheduled, here are a few mistakes that he or she needs to avoid.   Choosing the Wrong Clothes  One of the most important elements of your teen's senior portraits is the clothes that he or she wears.
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The Art Of Staying Still: The Right Tools Can Make Your Photography Skills Blossom

Posted on: 29 September 2016

If you have ever wondered how a photographer captures a perfectly detailed picture of the moon or can make a waterfall look smooth, the tools used in photography are what can make all the difference. That said, whether you use a high quality camera, a tripod, or a combination of both, learning what is required to take certain types of photographs is necessary to make them look professional. A few small changes to your technique, and you can have great looking images.
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