Different Headshot Looks To Get For Your Actor Portfolio

Posted on: 22 January 2019

If you're an actor, it's imperative for you to have professional headshots taken to include in your portfolio. The reality is that while casting professionals will be interested in your acting credentials, they also need to know how you look so that they can evaluate whether you'll be a good fit for their production. It can be easy to get lackadaisical about your headshot, perhaps keeping a single one for several years.
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How To Make Your Lifestyle Wedding Photos Look Candid

Posted on: 5 November 2018

Lifestyle wedding photography is similar to documentary photography stylistically, because both styles contain visual elements of photojournalism. However, lifestyle wedding photography involves much more posing and direction from the photographer, whereas documentary photography is entirely candid. Lifestyle wedding photography is great for couples who already have a list of photos in mind but don't want their wedding photos to look too stiff or formal. A good photographer, who is well versed in the genre of lifestyle photography, can make a couple's wedding photos look as beautiful and as appealing as a fashion spread in a magazine or catalog.
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Babies And Pets: Getting A Good Picture Of Sometimes-Tricky Subjects

Posted on: 11 September 2018

Taking photos of your newborns, children, and even pets can be challenging; when the moment seems right, subjects can be contrary or uncooperative. While there are no secrets to capturing a great picture, there are some simple strategies that increase your success. Some tips for getting great pictures of your babies, toddlers, and furry-friends are: Create your props. Create a kid photo backdrop or props first, before trying to get your subjects to pose or cooperate.
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Wedding Pics Were Actually Taken In These 5 Crazy Places

Posted on: 30 July 2018

Everyone wants to create wedding photos that'll be memorable, and choosing a unique location can add some pizzazz to the pics you'll make. Some locations, however, are crazier than others. In these 5 cases, a couple and their wedding photographer decided to go all-in to get amazing shots. Alaskan Ice Cave You know you're dealing with a tough location when it requires multiple kayaks to get the bride, groom, and wedding photographer out to a site.
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